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YMUSIC APK v4.2 Download Free Music Player for Android

Play Background Music Online on your Android devices with the Ymusic App. YMusic APK is a free web browser for listening to music from different platforms. It is also a Music Player and Downloader that allows the user to play Background Music from YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. YMusic retrieves music from YouTube videos and allows users to listen to music for free. Discover all-in-one music with this app and the efficient way to manage, listen, and download the music on your device storage. The Amazing web browsing experience users will explore this app and enhance music searches on YouTube.

What is YMusic APK?

Ymusic APK is an Android App to plays music in a variety of formats. You can listen to almost all kinds of music with the use of this app. Find your favorite music type the name in the search bar and get the response in the form of music. Ymusic APK Retrieve data from YouTube and provide you with the music related to your searches. If any music is not on YouTube then you can also listen to music from the Spotify and SoundCloud apps. It Searches on all the music platforms and Provides you the Free music for listening.

Ymusic APK is a Premium App that you can download and use free of cost on your smartphone with the Premium Features. It Integrates with the lifetime Premium Version of YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. If you are a music lover then don’t need to pay money to use this app. Just Download Ymusic APK and listen to all the music free of cost from the premium resources.

Download YMUSIC For Android

NameYMusic APK (Updated)
Developer NameYMusic
File Size9MB
RequiresAndroid 9+
MOD Premium Unlocked

Features of YMusic

Effortless Browsing

Effortlessly browsing in this app where you can search and find any songs of any artiste and Singers. You can Effortlessly explore your Music Collection and seamless navigation through a vast array of songs. Find your favorite artists and their albums easily by applying the filters in this Gorgeous app. You can simply discover exactly what you’re looking for, adapted to your musical interests, via effortless filtering strategies

Built In Music Player

YMusic APK has a Built-In Media Player that allows the user to play videos of different formats. All the music, you will play with the built-in Media Players. The Premium media player has a lot of features such as you can adjust the music sound by editing them. Change the treble, and base, and convert into the Large hall and pop, etc. The Features of this Media pLayer are as followed:
Edit the Music Playback Sounds
Support 8K Video Quality
Adjust Screen Resolution
Play Both Audio & Video Files
Play Videos and songs from your Mobile Storage

Listen to Video Songs

Not only audio songs but you can also watch and listen video songs in it. YMusic allows users to play video songs from youtube. It is the additional feature of this app and is designed for those people who love to watch video songs. You can watch video songs from youtube in this app and play them in the background. This feature is only for the Integration of Youtube and Not for Spotify and SoundCloud.

Create a Playlist

If you listen to music every day but find the music daily on this app. It is a difficult task. YMusic APK allows its users to create a playlist option where they can add almost 1000 Songs and listen when they want. A Playlist Contains the collected Music that you can play Background easily. All songs added to your playlist will be played one after the other and you can listen to the background songs without any clicking. Moreover, you can create unlimited playlists and each of the playlists has thousands of songs. Every Playlist can be named according to the songs for identification.

Discover Trending Music

Explore all the trending music of all the countries, artist, and languages. All the Music content that is famous in the world you will get on the homepage of this app. Discover the latest songs without any search and listen to spend your free time. All the Music that you will get on the Homepage of the YMusic APK contains complete detail such as Singer, Artist, Country, and Languages. If you like to play and listen to music then continue other apply the filter and find the trending songs according to your country and languages, etc.

Listen to Music by Categories

There are many music enthusiasts in the world who loves to listen to music according to their taste and temperaments. Different Music Lovers listen to Sad, Romance, Rap, and playback movie music. On the Otherside, some people listen to Pop, Rock, HipHop, Rhythm, and Classical Music. YMusic APK is suitable for all music lovers because they can listen to songs and music belongs to every category. All types of Music Categories are available in this app and you can select what you want to listen to.

Listen to Music By Artists & Albums

YMusic APK has a worldwide collection of songs in which you can find the songs of every artist by their name. World Famous Artist Songs you can listen to with the use of this app. Just Type your Favorite Artist’s name in the search bar and get all their song instantly. Furthermore, You can listen to all the songs from the album. The Collection of Each Artist’s Songs is called Album that you can play in the Background.

Shuffle All

In the Shuffle All feature, Users can see their past history of music. All the songs that they listed are save in the shuffle ALL Section and you have the ability to play again one by one and shuffle. When you Use this Section then, it auto play those songs that you listened much time. Delete those songs from this section that you don’t like to listen

Download Music For Offline Play

YMusic App is not just a Songs Provider but it is also a music downloader that you can use to download the music on your Android devices. It will Save your downloaded music in the Internal storage but you can listen to music by this app. You have the ability to access the songs and music in the downloaded section of this app. Just Select the Music that you want to download and click on the “Save” Button. Now, you can listen to the songs offline on your Android devices. With the Same as you can download the playlist for offline listening.

Display Songs Lyrics

A lyrics display feature Ymusic App enhances the listening experience by providing synchronized lyrics for the currently playing song. You can read the lyrics of every song in the form of subtitles displayed on your Android screen. This feature often includes highlighting or scrolling to indicate the current line being sung, ensuring users stay in sync with the music. 

Unlimited Playback

Music lovers appreciate unlimited playback since it enables them to listen to their favorite songs whenever they want, without limitations or interruptions, or to discover new music. The users of this app can fully immerse themselves in their favorite music owing to this feature, which enhances the app’s entire listening experience.

User-Friendly Interface

The easy and clean navigation of ymusic apk helps the users to understand the app features and working process. The Amazing UI Interface attracts and allows the users to access different sections of the app such as Home, Library, Search, Playlists, and Settings. Every other person can use this app easily through the navigation menu. You can listen to and download every music easily and share it with your friends through the Social Media Sharing feature

100% Free & Safe

Ymusic APK is a totally Free and Safe App for all Android users. Some People Fear downloading APK files because they may contain Viruses. But, Don’t Worry, It is a Safe and secure app that does not contain any viruses or malware. The totally free app that you will download with the Premium Features for free. Beware of Fake websites to Download the App because contains viruses and harms your Android devices. So, Visit Official Websites. YMusicApk.com is the Official Website. 

  • All the newly released Songs you can listen to on this app.
  • Listen to English, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Turkish, and all the other languages songs.
  • Each of the songs is categorized with the main category.
  • Explore the Separate English Songs Section, Hindi Songs, and all the other songs sections.
  • You can also select your Country then Ymusic will show you according your to region.
  • Discover the Premium Music Free of Cost.
  • Save songs in your device storage for offline listening.
  • Find music by artist and category.
  • Lifetime Free Subscription & No Registration Required.
  • Sometimes, It can take time to update new songs.
  • Downloading will be slow when server issues occur.
  • It contains almost Some Countries Songs, not all countries.
  • It does not require any backup of your song’s history.
  • Not Suitable for Kids

Screen Shots of YMusic APK


 Sometimes, Ymusic App does not sync with YouTube. In this case, Just Open the App and Go to Settings to Click on the Sync Option. It Will Sync and Provide you access. If you don’t face this issue again and again then Open the Auto Sync Option.

Login is not required but you will integrate the app with Youtube. Just Go to Settings and Click on the Integration Option to Select the YouTube. Then, It will integrate auto.

It Supports all the Most Famous Music Platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Vorbis, Apple Music, and more. You can listen to music from all the platforms easily in free of cost. Moreover, Ymusic APK helps users to play background music from all supported platforms.

Yes, it is the Legal app because it does not provide illegal and policy violation material. Users can use and listen to the music without any restrictions.

How to Download & Install YMusic APK?

We Provided the latest and Old Versions of this app. You can download what you want free of cost.

 For Downloading:

  • Just click on the Download Button and Reach the Download Page
  • Find the Old and Latest Versions of this App.
  • Choose Your Favorite and Click on the Button
  • Your Downloading will Start

For Installation:

  • Open the Downloaded File.
  • Click on the Install Button.
  • It will start Installation.
  • After Installing, Allows all the permission that it gets from you.
  • Don’t Worry, It is Safe and secure.

Now, your Application has been installed and you can listen to a variety of music easily on your Android devices.

Final Verdicts

If you are a music Enthusiast and listen to daily music in your free time and when you feel bored then YMusic APK is the very App for you because it has a collection of songs and the most popular premium platform provides its content to this app. Listen to the Background Music easily while working. It is a feature not available in the other apps but you can get it in the music app. This app has been updated with the new features of 2024 which will enhance the experience of the users.

It is a free Premium App that contains premium features but it is free for all of you. YMusicApk.com is the Official Website that provides you with all the versions with premium features. If you allow the Notification then you could notify of every new update and version.

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